User Guidelines

User Guidelines

When borrowing

We will create a library card.
Please show us proof of name and address.
The library card can be used at any Hamamatsu Municipal Library.
Each person can borrow up to 12 books for 15 days.
You can borrow up to 3 videos/CDs/DVDs for 15 days.

When returning

Please make returns at the counter.You do not need your library card
When the library is closed, please place the items into the Book Postbox
Please take videos/CDs/DVDs directly to the counter. Do not put them into the Book Postbox.
You can return items at any Hamamatsu Municipal Library.
You cannot make returns at the libraries at community collaboration centers or schools.

When looking for a book

If you cannot find the book you would like to read, or you don’t know what book to search for, please ask an employee of the library.
We will help you to find the book.

To make a reservation

You can search for and reserve books you want to read using the website or the library terminals.
To make a reservation, you must register a password. Please ask at the counter before registering.
Each person can reserve up to 12 books.

To register a password

You can use the terminals to register a password yourself.

Requests from the library

Please respect the due dates and treat books/CDs/DVDs/all items with care.
*If you lose or damage library books, you may have to reimburse the library.
Please do not eat or drink whilst reading the books.

Find books

Hamamatsu Digital Library

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